Monday, July 25, 2011

Nosara: “Feelings are much like waves, we can't stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf.” -Jonatan Mårtensson

P1050691 Stitch

P1050612The weekend was perfect. Howler monkeys acted as my alarm clock, the sun was my watch, and the sunset told me it was time to eat dinner. Time was lost gazing out at the ocean, digging my toes in the sand, laughing and talking with my amazing friends. I feel so blessed to have had such a perfect weekend. Our hostel was situated un on a hillside overlooking the ocean. The beaches were stunning, undiscovered by the hoards of tourists. The waves were perfect for the boys to surf and Jessica and I to listen to as we soaked up our final rays of sun. We walked, we talked, we played. Nothing more.








The first night we made spaghetti and shared an apple that my friend broke into quarters with his hands, a feat I am determined to accomplish. Our card games got competitive but we never went more than a minute without laughing. The next night, our last, was spent on the beach. After spending as much time as our skin could handle under the blistering Costa Rican sun and sharing a fantastic meal, we ventured back to the beach, this time guided by flashlight. There we collected dry drift wood and palm fronds to start our campfire. Dustin played the harmonica, the waves crashed on to shore, the fire crackled, and I just sat there, a bundle of emotions. Overcome with joy that I was able to spend my last weekend in such a special place with such special people, and at the same time pushing away the nagging thoughts of parting. We laid on the soft white sand, warmed by the fire, watching shooting stars streak across the uncharacteristically clear sky. Eventually, Dustin made tea and coffee and we shared his unique aluminum cup, passing it from person to person around the campfire, living by his motto that coffee is meant to be shared.


I walked out to the ocean to dip in my toes, engulfed in the deep dark night sky. The fire flickered in the distance and I could see the silhouettes of my three friends. I stood there for a long time, not wanting to separate myself from the ocean, the stirring body of life, so powerful, so immense. I’m not good at goodbyes; not with people, not with places I love. The ocean is one of those spectacular things. I said my goodbyes and let a salty tear fall into the ocean.


I have five more days left in this tropical paradise; however, Nosara was the perfect final weekend on my Costa Rican Journey.

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